10 Reasons why we love London – by Stay.com

10 Reasons why we love London – by Stay.com

We absolutely love London and we could go on about it forever, while we know that time is precious we cut it down to ten reasons why you need to see it!


Free Culture for Everyone

London has a rare commitment to free culture for everyone, the National Gallery, for example, has not one but seven paintings by Van Gogh exhibiting for free, here you can also see the works of Masters such as Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Eyck just to mention a few! There are so many free entry Museums to choose from, The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Wallace Collection and the Science Museum are just a few examples….


London is Green

London park

Even though many think of it as a grey city, London is, in fact, a Green city with millions of trees, thousands of gardens and world famous Parks. They come in all forms and shapes, including Greens, Commons and Cemeteries. From Hyde Park to Richmond, from Greenwich to the Hampstead Heath, they are greatly embedded in the Londoner’s lifestyle, be it for running, dog walki

ng, romance or just reading a book near the ducks.

The Melting Pot

By far one of the most multicultural cities in the world, this melting pot has been welcoming people over half a century and now houses 270 nationalities speaking more than 300 languages. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you will find someone or something that shared a place, a story or a memory with you. There isn’t a culture, nation or tribe that isn’t represented in this town. Everyone is welcome.


Vibrant Food Scene

With more than 70 restaurants with at least 1 Michelin star, a vibrant street market scene and covered with neighbourhood pearls, London is one of the world capitals of food. There’s something delicious for everyone in this town, additionally, we can’t forget the funny menus and boards all over town and the fact that you are never too far from delicious chips.


It’s Easy to get around

London saw the birth of the first underground system 155 years ago, today it still is the main world reference in public transportation. With a single travel card, you have access to the Trains, the Tube, the Bus network and the Overground. We also find it one of the nicest cities in the world to walk or cycle in. And you can easily travel in time!


Capital of Performing Arts

From Shakespearean Theatre to the world-famous Hyde Park Concerts there are hundreds of events daily to choose from. You have the Musicals at the West End, the Theatre at the Southbank, the O2 in Greenwich and Wembley in north London just to mention a few. There’s underground experimental theatre spread across, there’s world famous orchestras and ballet dancers at the Royal Albert Hall and Sadler Wells. There’s the Barbican, the Roundhouse, the Royal Opera House….


English Humour and Etiquette

Britain has always been famous for its hospitality, blunt humour combined with flawless etiquette sets ground rules and trust, attracting tourists from all over the world. Rich history, a popular monarchy and great television shows also contribute for people visiting and enjoying London.


Musica Maestro

London is exceptional in music culture, from Mozart to Amy Winehouse, David Bowie to George Michael, history has been made in this city! Denmark Street in Soho is entirely dedicated to musical instruments, there’s live music in every corner of London, from giant arenas to famous Jazz venues to local pubs there’s something for every music aficionado.

London pub
Photo by Gonzalo Remy on Unsplash


The word Pub originates from Public House, a Pub is not just a place to drink it’s a second home. It’s estimated that thousands exist in London, some say they date back to 1666. Pubs are a part of English culture, they come in all shapes and sizes, and this all means you’re never too far away from a comforting smile and a pint (beer yes).



Keep calm and carry on – London has been burnt, bombed and attacked, but never taken. There’s a defiant brave aura of its inhabitants where no matter what happens, business runs as usual and we carry on head high.


So make sure you pay us a visit before your next London Stay and find the best houses in London

And feel free to tell us below why do you love London

Finding your way around London

London is a big city and as such there is a real complexity to finding your way around.

There are 3 iconic means of public transportation, the Tube, the double decker buses and the Black taxi cabs. However London has much more to offer when it comes to getting around the city, so let’s dive into how and what can get you around town.


The quickest way: London TUBE

The Tube is the London underground rail system, it is the oldest underground in the world established in the 1860’s and it was expanding and modernizing ever since. The London underground is very easy to use, it has one of the easiest maps in the world and all other public transportation maps all over the world are modeled by this map. The Tube can get you to most areas in the center of London and close to all major attractions and airports, however in some rare cases the walking distances between points of interest and the tube station can be far and in these cases a good idea can be to find one of the famous London taxi cabs.

The three main lines that are crossing Zone 1(the center of London) are the blue, red and yellow lines, these cross the center horizontally and crossing them are a few vertical lines that can get you to most places around the city center very efficiently.

The Tube ticket for a one day free pass in Zone 1,2,3 and 4 will cost you £12.70.

This kind of ticket will get you to most places in the touristic sites of London but it may be limited as you go away from the center. Tube service operates from 5 AM until midnight

the London Tube

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Events that you can’t miss in London 2018

Events that you just can’t miss in London 2018

London is a buzzing metropolitan with numerous events, this year the top event will undoubtedly be the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding ceremony and the overall shindig around it.

So we listed some events that you simply can’t miss in 2018 if you are planning to be in London this year.

Sports events

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships

If you are into sports, and tennis in particular, you simply can’t miss the tennis event of the year. On the perfect grass at the wimbledon tennis courts the best of the best will clash, come and see names like Sharapova and Federer on the lawns.

The special ballot for the tickets is already closed for 2018, so if you are still intending to buy tickets it can be a little pricey for on the day tickets. The event itself is at Wimbledon, which is south of the city center and no Tube station is very close however buses and other transportation is available.

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A Magical day in London with kids

Have a magical day in London with the kids

London is well known for its grand shops with a rich history and lots to see and do, when you have kids with you in London you can use this to make a perfect toy and candy stores day and experience a truly magical day, from Disney to Lego, making it much more than just shopping and more of a fun way to spend a day.

Starting the day with some Disney magic

The first item on the menu is the Disney store it is located on Oxford street and contains the beloved characters from Disney shows and movies, it is a boy and girl attractions and even some of the parents will be able to enjoy the classic characters from their childhood and the characters from the Star Wars universe. The Disney store offers some in store attractions and in many cases you can find life size dolls and the Cinderella pumpkin carriage in the store, a wonderful and magical morning with the kids.

You can find various restaurants and diners along oxford street and have a breakfast on Oxford street , one of the busiest shopping streets in London.

Disney store
Photo by MallSecrets.co.uk on VisualHunt / CC BY

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Why to start using B&B

Why to start using B&B

You have decided to go on a vacation to a foreign country and now need to decide where to stay on your visit. You can decide to go to the traditional hotel choice and get around like all the tourists, it is a good way to travel, today it is much easier than ever before.

There is also a different choice of where to stay, find a vacation rental or B&B located close to the center of your destination, this option provides you with better and more numerous ways to experience the destination, you can still use the regular tourist way of experiencing the destination, but you can also use the fact that you have a local host to improve the way you experience the destination.

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Lost in London

The where to stay in London tourist guide

This is your first time going to London and you hear all the names of all kinds of attractions, well none of this is pointing you as to where to stay and where to start.

So here is some starter tips to give you some idea about the best places to stay and the some of the best attractions in town.

About the city of London

London is the capital of the UK and houses both the parliament and the royal palace. The city is hands down one of the biggest metropolitan in the world and is in the forefront of the places that one cannot miss as a world traveler.

In addition to all this there are loads of things to do for every person at any age in London. From small children to elderly people London offers one of the widest selections of things to do and see.

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